About Us

SMK Group is a privately-held construction companies established in Ankara, Turkey. The company provides a wide variety of services including construction, project development and contracting mainly to international customers.

With Headquarter in Ankara, Turkey, a Regional Offices in Middle East countries and Russia, SMK boasts a young, capable staff who can carry out construction contracts of every type and scale.

SMK is a contracting company which have adopted the principle to fulfill its undertakings perfectly and on time since 2004, which has presented its experience of 10 years with its quality conception to the Turkish people and which has specialized in construction works.

The company has materialized so far many projects both in superstructure and infrastructure such as Business Centers & Office Building, Residential Housing, Hospital Building, Shopping Center, Airport Runway, Taxiway and Apron, Billeting & HQ Facilities for Military, Industrial Plant, Road and Bridge Construction, Power Plants, Drinking Water and Sewerage Systems, Water Treatment Facilities