Construction and Design

SMK is a group of dedicated architects, engineers, project managers, inspectors, contract administrators, and support staff responsible for the implementation and management of the projects. Our main objective is to provide 100% customer satisfaction by means of forming alliances with local tradesmen, industry, and field experts. We accredit multiple level project management in playing a vital role in building partnerships among clients, contractors, and subcontractors. Ultimately this garners excellent results and exceeds expectations.

SMK strongly relies on our team's expertise and our experience in the industry. We take a 'Turn Key' approach to each project, large or small, transforming it from a conception to a fully functional structure. We work closely with owners and subcontractors to produce a high quality project that is both cost effective and delivery oriented.

Our design / build capabilities and experience provide considerable benefits to Alliance clientele. The clear chain of command and responsibility established in a design / build project; merged with practices of flexibility, accountability, and single source cost control, contribute explicitly to the ultimate outcome of each projects success. Providing the highest quality materials and precise, durable craftsmanship at competitive prices are our top priorities. Whether your project is large or small, we're looking forward to working with you.

SMK design / build projects offer single source responsibility, shorter delivery times, and higher levels of financial predictability early in the design process. When the general contractor and designer are rooted in a single organization, it consolidates accountability, thus optimizing value and expedience, and effectively spawns innovative solutions.

Construction costs are established much earlier in the process. Shorter overall design / construction times result in rapid project completion. There is no project delay for bidding time, and, if needed to meet client deadlines design / build lends itself readily to fast tracking, where selected construction activities can begin before final design is complete.

Construction & Design / Build

Construction Management
Major Construction
Module and Pipe Fabrication
Commercial and Residential Buildings
Roads & Bridges
Airports Construction
Water Supply & Treatment
Factories , Machineries installations
Fabrication Workshop
Power Transmission & Evaluation
Industrial Electrification
Solar Energy
Stadium Constr. & Equip. Installations
Villa Constructions & Design