Mission and Vision

SMK aims to become a center of excellence in technological contracting Works and systems integration.

Our potential as SMK originates from the motivation of our people and our passion for performance.

SMK Team is determined to act as a strong and reliable partner for its entire business environment, its customers, peers, sub-suppliers and its own people, helping them turn their visions and plans into reality.

While maintaining our responsiveness towards the requirements of our business world, we strive to be proactive and sensitive in preserving our fragile environment.

Ethics and business integrity form the backbone of SMK core values. Our employees understand and honour our principles and policies to strictly comply with all laws and regulations of jurisdictions where we do business.

It is necessary for all company members to: 

* Stay true to our values,

* Respect and help our business environment,

* Deliver great work,

* Honour one another.

We adhere to these principles of ethical conduct, and work with business partners who live up to the same standards. Our employees may question directions received from others, or may become aware of or suspect a possible violation of law or an SMK policy. We offer several reporting channels to our employees and those that work with us to ask questions, seek guidance, and report potential violations in the way they find to be most comfortable. We follow up on all reports and take proactive measures to address concerns fairly, and in a timely manner.